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Historic And Civil War Sites Book Cover

Third Edition revised for 2021

Delighted to report that nearly all the sites in our Border Region travel guide survived the shutdown, despite dire warnings that many wouldn’t. They’ve tidied up, made improvements, and await you with open doors.

Women were like bullets: expendable

Gunpowder Girls Book Cover

Now in paperback

Three of the worst civilian disasters during the Civil War were at arsenals that employed mostly women and girls. Tanya Anderson found their stories, holds the authorities accountable, and says their names. Ben Franklin winner. Junior Library Guild Selection.

A Vietnam Wall for dogs? Absolutely

Bonded By Battle

Now in paperback

On the cover we’re honored to feature Sgt. Chuck Shuck and Gabe, the most amazing rescue dog you will ever read about. Nancy Roe Pimm tells their story and a dozen more as she traces the history of military dog teams from the Civil War. In a new preface, Nancy joins Vietnam vets in unveiling a stunning memorial to K9 warriors who were left behind.

Our signature title, 7 years in the making

Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols

‘An important addition to American and women’s history’ (Booklist)

Diane spotted a homemade display on Clarina Nichols in a local museum. The rest is history. “A thorough and illuminating treatment of one of the most instrumental and underappreciated of 19th-century American feminists,” said Nancy Isenberg. Willa Cather Award. Kansas Notable Book.

Gunpowder Girls Book Cover

A National History Day favorite

This is for all the girls who interviewed Diane over the years about her biography. Launched with our YA History Kickstarter, this beautiful hardcover adaptation of Revolutionary Heart explains the early women’s movement and Clarina’s role in it.

The day the war came to town

Gunpowder Girls Book Cover

‘Vivid and engaging’ (Horn Book)

Tanya wrote Tillie Pierce for the library market (it was a huge hit even at $35), but always wished it had come out in paperback. Her wish was our command. “Anderson’s smooth retelling” brings Tillie’s memoir to life. Loaded with pics and maps. We sell a lot of these at the Gettysburg Visitor Center.

He fought in three civil wars by the age of 30

Firebrand Book Cover

‘Teen-friendly, likable, historically rigorous’ (Kirkus)

In the 1950s, a Jewish publisher hired Lloyd Alexander — not yet a legendary author of fantasy for kids — to write a historical novel based on the memoir of August Bondi, who stormed Bleeding Kansas with John Brown. We acquired the title and Aaron reimagined it for today.

Bondi was involved in three freedom struggles: 1848 in his native Austria, the Kansas border war, and the Civil War. He was also thoughtful and ethical, and his story resonates today. AJL Reviews recommended Firebrand, saying, “What an interesting life this little-known Jewish hero led.”

Firebrand Book Cover

Quindaro: stronger together

Diane Eickhoff and Aaron Barnhart — that’s us — are public history authors, speakers, and publishers. We married in 1995 and started Quindaro Press in 2004. Our work has been featured in the New York Times, Kansas City Star, and numerous history publications. We are longtime presenters for Humanities Kansas.

Quindaro was the first free-state port on the Missouri River at a time when pro-slavery forces controlled Kansas Territory. In traditional Wyandot language, Quindaro means “bundle of sticks,” and is often interpreted as “in union there is strength.” We feel our union has made us stronger, resulting in the high-quality original work you see here.

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