Are you into history? We are.

Here we are spending a major chunk of our London holiday researching at the British Library! Who does that?!?

We courted by watching Ken Burns’ The Civil War on TV. When we moved to Kansas City, we got to know the area by visiting museums. Diane left her old career (educational publishing) to get her master’s degree in history. We started Quindaro Press to publish her first history book. Aaron left his old career (journalism) to join the family business.

In addition to writing and publishing, we speak on history and the humanities throughout the region on behalf of these outstanding organizations:

We publish people’s history. These are unique and powerful stories for reading and sharing.

We’re storytellers. We uncover chapters in American history that are rarely told — some have never been told before. And we share them in person throughout the Midwest, as well as in our books and our website. We believe these stories are vital to understanding what made our country what it is today.

Like you, we grew up thinking history was a list of “acts and facts” involving famous Americans and battles. You, too, may have been taught to believe that history was something locked away in a vault called The Past.

But we’ve since learned otherwise. History isn’t something that was. History is something that is.

Quindaro titles are distributed by Seattle Book Company.

If you’re a bookseller or library, Ingram, Baker & Taylor and other major wholesalers have our books at the ready. If you don’t use a major wholesaler, you can deal directly with SBC.

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