We Inform & Empower Changemakers



We publish People’s History.

  • Critical thinking is essential to a healthy democracy. That means learning to ask questions, not just searching the Internet for answers. 
  • That’s why we do People’s History: the social movements, events, and heroes you never learned about in school. Our rigorously-researched stories don’t spew out answers — they stimulate questions and conversations about the roots of today’s most pressing issues.
  • We make it easy to share our content with others, so you can switch off your screens and start a ruckus of your own.

We help people discover nonfiction media to enjoy and share.

  • Hundreds of documentaries are released every year. We’ll guide you to the best and most socially conscious factual films. So your viewing time is always quality time, and you’ll be in the know.
  • Nonfiction is proven to help critical thinking skills. That’s why we publish the book world’s only independent guide to bold nonfiction for young readers. (Safe for older readers, too!)

We lead discussions where the Past meets the Present.

  • We travel the Midwest on behalf of various nonprofit organizations, presenting historical topics that get audience members talking. 
  • Life is a conversation — so what are you talking about?