Bonded By Battle [Hardcover]

Bonded By Battle [Hardcover]


The Powerful Friendships of Military Dogs and Soldiers, from the Civil War to Operation Iraqi Freedom

Hardcover, 152 pages, signed by the author.

With bibliography, source notes, and comprehensive index.

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A Featured Book of the Ohioana Book Festival 2017

“A celebration of the bonds of hard work and sacrifice shared by all those who serve in uniform, whether on two legs or on four.” 
— Randy Brown, author, Welcome to FOB Haiku: War Poems from Inside the Wire

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Dogs have faithfully followed humans into combat since the dawn of time. At first they simply provided emotional support. As soldiers found ways to use the canine’s remarkable senses of smell and hearing, their bond deepened. The military working dog team was born.

Today dog teams are active across all branches of the military. Some perform tasks that are so specialized that, as author Nancy Roe Pimm discovered firsthand, the dogs are considered state secrets and can’t be photographed.

Pimm tells the story of this evolving relationship between dogs and soldiers from the Civil War onward. Whether detecting mustard gas in World War I or improvised explosive devices in Iraq, the U.S. canine corps have adapted to modern warfare at every turn, with a reliability rating that technology has yet to match.

Pimm also documents the decades-long fight away from the battlefield, as the dogs’ handlers challenged the military establishment to give their canine companions the respect and recognition they deserved. 

Pimm, a distinguished author of nonfiction for young readers, uncovered twelve stories of dogs and soldiers and tells them with humor and heart. Bonded by Battle carries the story through the landmark 2016 law granting these warrior dogs the same privileges and military honors bestowed on their handlers. 

NANCY ROE PIMM is a native of Brooklyn, New York. Her book Colo’s Story: The Life of One Grand Gorilla represented the state of Ohio at the 2012 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C., and was a Choose to Read Ohio selection for 2013 and 2014. She is also the author of The Indy 500: The Inside Track, The Daytona 500: The Thrill and Thunder of the Great American Race, The Heart of the Beast and The Jerrie Mock Story: The First Woman to Fly Solo Around the World. She lives in Ohio.