The book that lets you tell your Eastern friends, ‘You may have finished the Civil War — but we started it!’

Midwesterners are not big on bragging, unless it involves their favorite football or basketball team.

But when it comes to American history, the residents of the Missouri-Kansas Border Region have every right to crow.

Mile for mile, you won’t find a larger, or better, collection of museums, battlefields, and historical places for understanding what made this country freer and fairer.

And The Big Divide Travel Guide is the only book that will show you where they are.



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The ONLY guide you’ll need to explore in-depth how the Border Region changed America.

Here was where a town called Lecompton paved the way for Abraham Lincoln to become president and put the country on a path to war.

Here was where African American regiments first saw combat in that war — even as the generals in Washington were debating the value of black soldiers.

Here was where the bitterest neighbor-on-neighbor warfare took place, producing guerrilla legends like John Brown, William Clarke Quantrill, and Jesse James.

For that matter, the Border Region is where you can find the school that set off the civil rights movement … walk the country’s last great stretch of prairie … and tour the house where a girl named Amelia learned she could do anything.

Are you looking for a budget trip this year that will really make an impact in your life and those traveling with you?

The Border Region has become one of the country’s premier destinations for history travel. The Big Divide Travel Guide is all you’ll need to discover it. 

About the authors

Diane Eickhoff and Aaron Barnhart speak widely on history throughout the Midwest on behalf of the Kansas Humanities and Missouri Humanities councils, the Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning, and their company, Quindaro Press. They are married and live in Kansas City.